Don’t come knockin if the caravan’s rockin!

How I learned to love the humble caravan

A few years ago a very dear and much loved aunty of mine died very suddenly, which left the family shocked and bereft.  At her funeral, her daughter put together a notice board filled with pictures of my aunty and the rest of the family over the years.

As we looked through the mad and marvellous fashions and haircuts; from cool 50s sophistication to the present day via the weird and wonderful decade that style forgot, the 70s, we noticed a common theme.  Family holidays. Continue reading

The 5 greatest inventions ever

I thought I’d examine the world of human invention because I’m frequently awed and mystified by the entire process of invention.  That human beings can produce things like the laptop that I’m writing this on is nothing less than magical to me.  In 1899, Charles H Duell, the Commissioner of the US Patent Office declared

Everything that can be invented has been invented.

This was four years before the first powered flight, seventy years before we put a man on the moon and ninety years before the invention of the world wide web.  It’s a good thing old Charles H got it so wrong.

Some inventions have changed the way the human race exists in the world.  Take the contraceptive pill, the car, in-vitro fertilisation and the nuclear bomb.  Well not literally of course, but these things in their own way changed mankind.  For better or worse, only history will tell.

But there are some inventions that are an ultimate good and that bring nothing but happiness to all who use them.  There is absolutely no downside to them, just pure, unadulterated joy. I’ve tested some pretty nifty inventions and picked the five absolute greatest ones ever. Continue reading