Quotes of the Year

Quotes of the Year has a new home.  Hurrah, I hear you say.  A couple of things about the Quotes of the Year (or QOTY as they shall henceforth be known).

If you know me you will know that I write down things that amuse me.  I write them on scraps of paper, post-it notes, paper napkins and anything I can find when I hear something I like.  I compile these into lists when I’ve got enough of them and these are my QOTY.

I sometimes forget to write who said whatever it was and so I’m unable to give credit/place blame.  Also, now that I’m publishing them on a public forum, some people will need, often for their own good, to remain anonymous.

To put you in the picture, these are the most frequent contributors to QOTY.

Mel my best friend.  Never exaggerates.

Hol my eldest child.

Haz my youngest child.

Lezzer my colleague.  Glam 50-something. Advocate of multi-vitamins, feng shui and capital punishment.

Jay our office administrator.  Denies the existence of dinosaurs.  Believes in ghosts and UFOs. Scouser.

Alex our office apprentice.  On-line gamer. Misanthrope.

Quotes of the year: Part one

Quotes of the year: Part deux

Quotes of the year: Part three

Quotes of the year: Part four 



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