Blog off!

It’s now a week since my enforced idleness began.  I’ve started a blog with the sole aim of not p***ing off my mates on Facebook and Twitter with my inane ramblings about being forced to be idle.

Well the blog seems to have gone down quite well among my admittedly small group of mates, however, there were a couple of problems with the comments functionality (me doing a bit of tech-y talk there) namely:

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Hello….helloooo…are you there?  Ah, yes.  There you are.

Well here are the facts as they are today.  I’m off work for three weeks with a busted knee. I can’t really go anywhere as I’ve had said gammy knee operated on and so I must rest while it gets better.

I don’t do enforced idleness well and I’m quite frankly feeling slightly unhinged as it is. It’s only Day 2  and I’m already driving my friends mad elsewhere in cyberspace.  I’ve been warned not to ramble on Twitter and so I’ve agreed, for everyone’s sake, to start a blog. This way I can ramble away and you can chose to ignore me or hang on my every word. Continue reading