Children in Need Zumbathon

Last night I, along with 500 other men, women and children, completed a 3-hour Zumbathon for Children in Need.  Now usually I just pop a tenner in an envelope or send a text while I’m slumped on the couch watching some boy band perform this year’s Children in Need song, but this year was different.


I spent about nine months hobbling round on a crutch after falling off a ladder and ruining my knee.  I had a new, improved, bionic knee put in place in June this year and I’ve been trying to get back into some sort of shape since.  While I was incapacitated, Zumba took over the world of fitness.  I’ve already written about my love of Zumba, so I won’t labour the point,  but when I heard my local council was running a 3-hour Zumbathon I signed up and so did my lovely boss, Ann.

We went in expecting to complete an hour, but quite unbelievably, we did the whole three hours.  Amazeballs doesn’t cover it.  Anyway, without wanting to go into a whole load of Sally Field-type Oscar winning “You love me, you really love me!” gushiness, there are a few people that Ann and I would really like to thank for getting us through it.  So here goes – my list of Zumbathon thank yous.

  • It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, but thanks to everyone who organised the event.
  • The 29 instructors who came up with enough routines to keep us all going; even the crazed woman who had a bunch of Scousers re-enacting an downtown LA style dance off.
  • The marvellous woman who produced a fantastic Scissor Sisters number at the 1 hour 40 minutes mark when we were all about to drop.
  • The girl near us who spent the entire time bouncing around and showed the rest of us how it should be done when we couldn’t see the instructors’ legs.
  • The 19-stone bloke at the back of us with the watch who threw himself into it and kept us going with a countdown when we thought we couldn’t go on.  I bloody love you.
  • Possibly a bit trivial, but to Collection 2000 for producing a liquid eyeliner for a paltry £2.99 that stayed put through 2,400 burned calories and an unnecessary amount of perspiration.  I salute you.
  • My kids for donating a week’s pocket money.  Bless you both.

But the thing that kept us going, especially through the tortuous last 25 minutes when everyone was starting to drop out, was the lovely people who sponsored us.  We went into it thinking we’d get about 20 quid in coppers from people at work, but it looks like we’ve made over £100.  For this, I can’t begin to thank you.

When I got home I sat and watched the story of how Children in Need had helped a young girl who’d been the victim of sexual abuse and how money raised by them had helped her.  This is what it’s all about.

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