Don’t come knockin if the caravan’s rockin!

How I learned to love the humble caravan

A few years ago a very dear and much loved aunty of mine died very suddenly, which left the family shocked and bereft.  At her funeral, her daughter put together a notice board filled with pictures of my aunty and the rest of the family over the years.

As we looked through the mad and marvellous fashions and haircuts; from cool 50s sophistication to the present day via the weird and wonderful decade that style forgot, the 70s, we noticed a common theme.  Family holidays. Continue reading

Quotes of the Year: Part 3

Part three of the things that have made me laugh so far this year….

Off the telly

Twitter response to this man, Uncle Tony, appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Uncle Tony

The fact Uncle Tony dyes his hair is as pointless as putting a cherry on a turd.

A doctor to a patient on 24 hours in A&E:  So apart from the heart stopping, any other problems? Continue reading

Confessions of a Twilight virgin

Right, I’ve just watched Twilight for the first time. Here’s what I was up to over on twitter with a couple of chums. Click right here or on the link below RPatz to see the full story x

RPatz – a younger, less charismatic, unsexy version of Timothy Olyphant?

[View the story “Watching Twilight” on Storify]

Zumba, ma chère Cher!

How Zumba ended my 20-year love affair with Cher

I hate exercise.  I really do. I am a member of a gym that I hate going to. It’s filled with gym fascists, like the gang of twenty-something blokes who hog the weight machines or who congregate around the pull-up equipment with their bulging muscles trying to outdo each other with their pull-themselves-up-ability and the tininess of their vests.

The girls are no better. They usually appear in twos or threes in their Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms, g-strings, tiny vests and of course the obligatory tattoo which I believe in some quarters is referred to as a tramp stamp.  They carry 50cl bottles of Volvic and do very little in the way of an actual workout – it would ruin the carefully applied layers of make-up – but they do a lot of giggling when the boys in their vests do their pull-up exercises. Continue reading