Blog off!

It’s now a week since my enforced idleness began.  I’ve started a blog with the sole aim of not p***ing off my mates on Facebook and Twitter with my inane ramblings about being forced to be idle.

Well the blog seems to have gone down quite well among my admittedly small group of mates, however, there were a couple of problems with the comments functionality (me doing a bit of tech-y talk there) namely:

  1. you could only leave a comment with your name on if you had a blog account
  2. everyone left anonymous  comments and it was a job (for me) working out who they were from, and
  3. I couldn’t work out how to reply to individual comments

Anyway, in work I know some impressively geeky people who own every single appliance that apple ever made and who own box sets of Battlestar Gallactica, so I’ve done some trawling among their blogs and found that this one was probably the best for my tech-y simpleton need.  And yours.

And possibly most importantly, it’s allowed me to use the original bit of ‘fixing my drawers’ graffiti that an old pal of mine sent me after he caught me doing just that.  There are other pictures in this series that may or may not appear at some point.  None of them makes me look good.

So anyway, I’ve spent day 5 moving all of the content to this new site (but not, alas, the comments) so please let me know what you think of it.

Mwah!  And x

2 thoughts on “Blog off!

  1. it’s very white!…not that thats abad thing ,if that’s your preference,but alot of us out here like some COLOUR!

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