Hello….helloooo…are you there?  Ah, yes.  There you are.

Well here are the facts as they are today.  I’m off work for three weeks with a busted knee. I can’t really go anywhere as I’ve had said gammy knee operated on and so I must rest while it gets better.

I don’t do enforced idleness well and I’m quite frankly feeling slightly unhinged as it is. It’s only Day 2  and I’m already driving my friends mad elsewhere in cyberspace.  I’ve been warned not to ramble on Twitter and so I’ve agreed, for everyone’s sake, to start a blog. This way I can ramble away and you can chose to ignore me or hang on my every word.

After deciding to start a blog, I’ve had to agonise over what type of blog ‘tool’ to use. Do I try tumblr?  Erm, no, I’m not twelve (and I couldn’t get the hang of it).  Will anyone see it?  Will anyone care?  Long story short, I settled on this one because, a) my own personal favourite blogs are on this site and b) you can leave a comment without having to faff about creating a blog identity for yourself.

Anyway, I think I’ve enabled comments, so feel free to comment away.  I’ll definitely answer if I can work out how.

Mwah! And x


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