I need to get a man in

My back door is hanging off.  And no, that’s not a euphemism.  The back

Manky old doorManky old door

door to my house has rotted and is about to fall into a million splinters.  The post that used to go across the top crashed down weeks ago and almost killed me while I was putting the purple bin out.  So now I have to get a new back door.

This is a huge problem for me.  This is because it means treading into ‘bloke’ territory.  And for me, this is usually never a good thing. Continue reading


Quotes of the Year: Part deux

Some more of my favourite things I’ve heard this year…..

Off the telly

Woman being interviewed on ITV about the Royal Wedding
Interviewer:  And what did you think of Kate?
Woman: Aw, she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet.  Up there with Cheryl Cole. Continue reading

Blog off!

It’s now a week since my enforced idleness began.  I’ve started a blog with the sole aim of not p***ing off my mates on Facebook and Twitter with my inane ramblings about being forced to be idle.

Well the blog seems to have gone down quite well among my admittedly small group of mates, however, there were a couple of problems with the comments functionality (me doing a bit of tech-y talk there) namely:

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